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Karley Cunningham

Karley Cunningham

BIG Thinker & Creative Strategist

Having built three successful businesses, Karley knows what it takes to start, build and lead a business that delivers results. She works collaboratively with business owners, organizational leaders and their teams to develop customized strategies and tools that support the achievement of goals and objectives not just aimed at delivering ROI and boosting revenue, but supporting impactful change and leaving a legacy.

By flipping the traditional brand development process to a more purposeful, strategic, inside-out approach, she helps entrepreneurs reinvigorate their brand, create a greater sense of clarity and alignment in their ideal clients and move powerfully forward and achieve their business goals. With 20+ years of experience in branding, marketing and visual communications, Karley is a trusted advisor to business owners and marketing teams facing brand and marketing challenges. She has written for well-respected publications such as Business In Vancouver and speaks often on the topics of business and personal branding.

When not working with change makers Karley can be found in the great outdoors, mountain biking, road riding, trail running, hiking, paddle boarding or snowshoeing.

Elise Le Brun

Elise Le Brun


As Chief Possibilities Officer, her focus is the “left brain” side of the business, ensuring that all projects run smoothly and our clients and project partners are informed every step of the way. Earning a Masters of Education from the University of Washington in 2010, Elise practices a team-based approach to helping our clients achieve their business goals. Known for her flexible and pro-active approach, she brings her passion for teaching and learning; always ensuring to meet people where they’re at.

Change can be hard to manage, but with the right team and processes, it doesn’t have to be. With over 10 years of experience as a manager and board member in the public and private sectors, Elise understands the challenges and opportunities that arise in complex organizational or business transformations. She is able to translate this experience into processes that aid our clients in creating, launching and executing big brands and bold marketing strategies.

Outside of the office, Elise can be found challenging her fitness in an ultra-distance running race, exploring the Pacific Northwest trails and waterways by foot, XC Mountain bike, Snowshoe or Stand Up Paddle board, or down a Netflix Series rabbit hole.

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