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Project Scope:

  • Market Research
  • Marketing & Recruitment Strategy Development
  • Traditional & Social Media Campaign Development
  • Twelve Month Integrated Campaign Execution
  • Marketing Collateral Design
  • Website Landing Pages Design & Development
  • Results Tracking & Recommendations

The Story:

PLEA Community Services Society of BC delivers community-based social, health, educational, vocational and justice services to children, youth, families and adults who, during periods of their lives, face significant challenges and barriers. They utilize personally tailored strategies in non-institutional settings to assist individuals to live their lives as normally, successfully, independently and safely, in their own communities, as their personal needs and circumstances allow.


PLEA approached us with an urgent need to attract caregivers who could offer youth-in-need foster homes. Their current, and dated method of attracting potential leads through newspaper ads was failing. This meant the agency’s capacity to provide homes to youth in need, was not increasing in line with the high demand for its services.  In addition, its desire to strengthen the respite it provided to its current foster families was also not possible. The end goal was 70 new leads per month, with a significant reduction in cost per lead. This project was one of the biggest items on the agency’s risk register. It was key to the agencies success.


First, we conducted a series of interviews with existing Caregivers to form a clear understanding of what’s important to Family Caregivers and how they originally found out about this unique employment opportunity. We needed to find out more about them as people, their backgrounds, their motivation to inquire about and take on the role, and how they found out about PLEA, in order to build out a very targeted audience profile. This would be key to attracting this special type of person to the role.

Through the research, it was also discovered that PLEA’s brand awareness was low and that in order for a potential caregiver to connect with PLEA they needed repeated exposure to PLEA and the job posting. This meant that a multi-pronged brand awareness and marketing campaign would be needed to drive the desired.

We enlisted the help of PLEA’s management team and key stakeholders to determine where the best possible lead sources were for new Caregivers. We then facilitating and half day working session to brainstorm and build out possible strategies and tactics to reach them, aimed at creating grassroots connections and relationships in areas where possible be found.

After an extensive discovery process, a multi-pronged marketing plan with four core strategies and supporting tactics was developed to provide PLEA with brand awareness through mass media exposure and a tactical and measurable recruiting campaign for Family Caregivers.

The final and most important piece of this project was the creation of a heartfelt and engaging series of advertisements that were designed to be simple, impactful and generate an emotional response.

The campaign was launched first on social media, and PLEA continues to roll out the strategies with our assistance as resources become available. As an evergreen campaign, it will continue to rollout across multi-media and grassroots channels, building in-roads and relationships into community groups, and organizations who can help PLEA recruit for this position.


Brand recognition has been created through online and direct mailing campaigns, which has increased PLEA’s ability to attract potential caregivers and dialogue with families and several community organizations that will continue to support lead generation. The original goal of 70 leads has been surpassed by 25% with an average of 100 leads per month being driven into the organization via website landing pages or phone calls

PLEA’s Manager of Communications & Development, Jenny Graham describes best the overarching impact of our work together on this project:

“Big Bold Brand has taken what has been an incredibly difficult task for the agency – explaining the vital role our families play in the life of the youth we serve – and boiled it down to its most simplistic, compelling elements – that our families have enough room, time and love for one more. This campaign will run and run giving us great value for money.”

“I am so thrilled to have Elise & Karley as a part of my extended team; I can’t imagine doing this without you.”

BIG BOLD BRAND continues to work as an extension of PLEA’s marketing team, providing on-going executional support to roll-out and evolve the strategies and tactics of this campaign with the goal of continuing to reduce the cost per lead and increase the ROI of each tactic.

The Summary:

Original Pains/Challenges:
  • An urgent need to find Family Caregivers to fill open positions
  • Current methods for advertising attracting leads were failing and the cost per lead was expensive
  • A greater level of sensitivity within their communications was needed
  • A lack of effective marketing and communications tools
  • Lack of effective metrics and tracking was in place leaving the organization guessing as to what worked
  • Brand awareness was low
How We Helped Resolve The Pain:
  • Facilitated working sessions with the key stakeholders
  • Conducted interviews with existing Family Caregivers
  • Developed a new marketing strategy based on interview insights and desired campaign results
  • Worked in collaboration with the communications team to develop an integrated online and grassroots
  • marketing campaign
  • Created new engaging ad creative series
  • Developed both online and offline campaign and marketing tools
  • Developed success metrics and tracking tools
  • 4,575 views through social media in the first month to boost brand/ organization awareness
  • 165 leads generated in the first month of the online campaign
  • Opened a new channel
  • Greatly reduced the cost per lead
  • Determined the most effective tactics to repeat based on testing
  • Developed a sustainable and repeatable marketing tactics


We asked for a marketing campaign relating to a sensitive area of our business.  Big Bold Brand was thoughtful, insightful and professional.  They delivered what they promised in a bold way, respecting our parameters and adding creative energy.

Ann Alexander, Associate Executive Director, PLEA Community Services Society of BC

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