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Building a Brand to Build Community & End Social Isolation

Founded in 2013, the Fraser Valley Bus Cooperative (FVBC) was formed by three seniors-serving agencies in Langley, BC. 

This social enterprise startup set out to reduce the social and physical isolation of seniors, differently-abled and other members of their region. Together, they created a vision for an inspirational transportation model that would connect communities and reduce isolation. This vision could be replicated in other cities. 

The FVBC’s concept was unique in North America, and as a result there were no models in place for how to successfully launch such a service. In addition, the Co-op lacked the in house communications experience to position this social enterprise and in a simple way for people in the community to understand it, especially potential strategic partners, funders and the agencies and individuals aimed to help with their service.


  • The legal name was too long, not memorable and too closely tied to one region.

  • With three different agencies’ perspectives and motivations for developing the co-op, they needed a facilitator who could help them develop a unified purpose, vision and core messaging.

  • They required the development of a vibrant logo, visual identity and resonant marketing and communications materials that would start conversations and motivate people to use the service.

  • As a newly formed organization funded solely through grants, they needed a flexible approach that could maximize the available budget.


  • Brand positioning

  • Naming

  • Target audience profile development

  • Core messaging development

  • Marketing package creation

  • Brand guidelines creation

  • Logo & brand identity design

“Big Bold Brand met us where we were at and made it a fun and collaborative! And through their process they were able to help us establish clarity for how three quite different organizations could partner and work effectively to achieve one vision!”

Janice McTaggart, Founding member of The Bus Co-op

Approach & Solution:

A series of discovery sessions with founding members provided insights into their shared beliefs and the potential community benefits that their vision offered. We were able to weave their combined perspectives into inspiring messaging for the co-op.

We also learned through this process that the team was unsure of how to define their target audiences, having no previous marketing or sales experience. They welcomed an opportunity to have us coach them on how to determine and define target audiences. This work uncovered two new potential audience groups who would go on to help FVBC grow and thrive.

During the facilitation sessions, participants began referring to the co-op as ‘bus co-op’, and from there, the name “The Bus Co-op” was born.

The design and development of The Bus Co-op’s visual identity was fun for us all, as the team wanted to create an approachable, vibrant and fun identity.

The group wanted a visual identity that was approachable, vibrant, fun and inviting. In creating this identity, we incorporated this spirit of fun into our process. We used bright colours and created an inclusive and inviting logo and visual brand. When The Bus Co-op’s vehicles were wrapped in this new identity, they stood out from city transportation and got people across the region talking about the Co-op.


Through an effective launch and communications, The Bus Co-op was able to secure the funding and attract the partners it needed to launch its service.


  • The successful launch of an organization that has achieved its goal: to decrease social isolation caused by the cost of transportation

  • Professional marketing tools and brand positioning have given founding members the confidence to approach new other organizations to establish new partnerships

  • Easily recognizable visual identity and memorable brand name that creates buzz and interest in the community

  • A partnership with Envision Financial that allows The Bus Co-op to provide regularly scheduled transportation for seniors to do banking, groceries and errands, as well as to meet new people while taking the bus

“Big Bold Brand engaged our diverse stakeholder team in deeper conversations and got us to explore perspectives we hadn’t even considered – driving great results for The Bus Co-op. Distilling complicated concepts down to clear and compelling messaging and visuals is definitely a strength of theirs.”

Janice McTaggart, Founding member of The Bus Co-op