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Working Through Complexity to Deliver the Right Information, to the Right Audience

Seniors Transportation Access and Resources (STAR), is British Columbia’s specialist in sustainable transportation. Founded in 2012, it is a leading source for policy and advocacy for safe and sustainable seniors transportation managing the largest, publicly accessible database in B.C. for information on driver transitioning, mobility and community resources seniors and their families.

The organization contacted us during the launch of a new social enterprise offering services in the design, development and operations management for community agencies who wished to develop and operate sustainable rideshare type programs. Fulfilling this mission would mean acting as a hub that would engage with all levels of government, health authorities and community agencies across the province. 

Their success would rely on our ability to balance meeting their project objectives while applying a limited budget. They needed a team with a flexible approach, who could execute a manageable, phased approach that didn’t interfere with the small team’s day-to-day operations. 

They had a complex services model that was difficult to explain, especially to community agencies who would be the core target audience for the new social enterprise.

A secondary challenge was their website. As the leading advocate for sustainable community transportation and policy development in B.C, their website had accumulated a large bank of valuable knowledge and information on seniors’ transportation. The site had grown organically over a 10-year period, making it extremely difficult to search and navigate, and ineffective in achieving its purpose.


  • A complex model that was difficult to explain

  • Lack of brand clarity and positioning

  • Target audiences not clearly defined

  • An outdated website with a large bank of inaccessible content

  • A small team with limited capacity

  • Sales and marketing materials were needed to launch a social enterprise


  • Brand positioning

  • Core messaging development

  • Target audience definition

  • Website content restructuring

  • Website redesign

  • Infographics creation

  • Marketing collateral and sales kit design and development

  • Creation of infographics and compelling images to engage audiences and increase dialogue

Approach & Solution:

The first milestone of the project was to develop their brand positioning, core messaging and determine the best way to tell the story of their role and impact on the community. Working with STAR’s existing writer/illustrator, we co-imagined a way to communicate a complex and emotional story of their impact without words – making it accessible to all of their audiences. Storyboarding and iteration helped in the creation of a series of illustrations for use across all marketing collateral and the new website.    

Working with the stakeholder team, we split their audience into distinct profiles, based on their needs. The outcome of this exercise provided clarity on who they needed to engage with, how to engage with them so that they could deliver on their various mandates. Gaining an understanding of each audience provided the information needed to effectively reorganize the website to make a large amount of content accessible and available to the public.

By getting clear on their vision, mission and concise core messaging, we formed the basic foundation of their brand, marketing and communications tools.


By helping their leadership team get clear on their primary target audiences, we were able to help them determine how to best engage and communicate with each group to achieve the desired results. Through effective collaboration, we were able to creatively and effectively apply their budget to where it was needed most putting all of the pieces in place for a successful launch of the social enterprise.


  • Social enterprise successfully launched

  • Increased sales team confidence

  • An effective sales and marketing kit allows them to engage with several key community agencies and partners

  • They save time, energy and money with the core templates that were developed and are ready to leverage by their in-house team

  • The development of an effective, easy to navigate website allows each audience to understand how STAR can help them and access the resources and knowledge they require

In working with Karley and Big Bold Brand we appreciated having someone who could fit into our team, bringing a solid understanding of the non-profit and social venture sectors. We appreciated her being forthright and honest in her feedback, responsive, flexible and willing to work with our budget. She is someone who can be trusted to act with honesty and integrity while delivering promised results.

Marg Mahan, Director, STAR Canada