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Strategic Team-Building to Hit Clear Targets

In business for more than a decade, Mansour Real Estate wanted to bring new team members into alignment and accelerate the company’s goals for the year ahead. They brought forward the idea of hosting a weekend retreat for team building and strategic planning activities as well as cultivating personal awareness among team members about how they can work with the team to achieve success.


  • Team lacked direction and a sense of motivation behind their actions

  • No strategic plan in place

  • A lack of specific and measurable goals tied to realistic timelines

  • Team members did not know each other’s strengths, blindspots and working styles

  • Team lacked working capacity required to compete in a market with fierce competition

  • A lack of cohesion and excitement about the firm’s core values and vision

  • Team members lacked individual goals and clearly defined roles and objectives leaving them unfocused and getting in the way of productivity and the ability to foster a high-performing team


  • Custom-designed and facilitated two-day, off-site strategic planning retreat

  • Prepare the team for an effective retreat

  • Development of a clear the 3-5 year vision for the firm

  • Successfully execute team-building exercises to unify and align the team for the year ahead

  • Development of a one-year strategic plan

  • Support team members in the development of personal goals and focus plans

  • Support the plan’s execution with post-retreat coaching sessions

“We have worked with Karley before and our decision to work with her again was based on that.  She seems to have a way of drawing things out of people, and getting them to articulate the things they can’t seem to put into words and also to clarify core issues and help to build your vision. ”

Mohamed Mansour, Associate Broker, Mansour Real Estate Group

Approach & Solution:

Big Bold Brand ensured that no time was wasted upon the team’s arrival at the scheduled two-day retreat. Every team member received a series of exercises beforehand, this provided the facilitator with insights and knowledge required to “hit the ground running.”

We facilitated both personal and team-focused activities with a variety of styles and approaches to keep engagement high. These included both personal and team-focused activities. The aim was to get team members to better understand their own working styles, strengths and ways that those could be integrated in order to help the firm reach its goals.

Every team member was involved in the crafting of those goals – and the plan to make them achievable. This strategic plan involved working backwards, ensuring that each goal had a series of preliminary actions and timelines attached. Each team member developed his or her own strategic plan that aligned with the firm’s. They were all supported in these by coaching sessions after the retreat, with the aim of ensuring accountability and execution of the strategic plan.


In a market that saw major losses, Mansour Real Estate Group saw only a minimal reduction in profit in the year following the retreat with Big Bold Brand. The work done at the retreat mend that a foundational mindset that allowed for systems within the business to make it easier to operate. Being able to track progress allowed them to see their progress as well as to understand what work yielded results and where they should focus their efforts.

The firm experienced an overall sense of team cohesiveness and were able to double the amount of work they got done – without a struggle – thanks to this and to greater clarity in the team-members roles and responsibilities. Overall the whole team seemed to enjoy their work more. In this process, it also became clear who was not on-board and committed to collaborating to accomplish the firm’s goals, so a number of people moved on from their jobs with Mansour.


  • Profits held nearly stable despite a 40% drop in the market

  • Team doubled capacity, easily and without struggle

  • Development of a foundational mindset that allowed for us to build systems, track progress and focus more on what needed to be done

  • Greater team cohesion, with clarity of roles and responsibilities

  • Greater enjoyment of work among team members

“We have referred Karley many times. She has an ability to draw out of you what’s important, helps you navigate and clarify though all the noise and get to the key and core issues of things, as well as to help you build the vision. She’s phenomenal about drawing ideas out of you.”

Mohamed Mansour, Associate Broker, Mansour Real Estate Group