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Developing a Clear Purpose and Self-Definition to Stand-Out in a Crowded Market

3P Naturals had a great product, and when it launched 18 years ago, it was one of the only providers of premium, raw, pet food. A loyal customer base gravitated to their unique offering, and the company developed a solid reputation. However, with more and more competitors crowding into their niche, 3PN lost market share and was starting to fall behind the competition.

The owners of 3P Naturals wanted to sell within 3 – 5 years. In order to do that, they needed the company to regain market share and build revenue. This required the addition of a new product line, as well as the development of strategies to build stronger relationships with retailers and win over new customers.

Big Bold Brand worked collaboratively to develop 3PN’s brand strategy and align business decisions with the brand elements in order to guide the growth and development of the company.



  • Needed to clearly define and differentiate itself within the market

  • Losing market share to other brands

  • A lack of value proposition, differentiation and core messaging

  • A lack of a clear picture retailer and ideal customers, and an effective communications strategy to connect with them

  • The absence of an authentic unified way of speaking about the company: who they are, who they serve, the value they deliver

  • Required tools to develop effective sales and marketing materials


  • Develop the company Why, How & What

  • Develop 3P Natural’s Guiding Principles

  • Create target audience profiles

  • Provide business coaching sessions

  • Create a unique value proposition

  • Develop personality and tone guidelines

  • Formulate ‘elevator’ pitch and brief intro

  • Brand promise and brand story creation

“Here’s an analogy: Instead of showing up in sweatpants and a t-shirt, we’re now showing up in dress pants and a blouse. When you look good, you feel good.”

Debbie Benson, Owner, 3P Natural Pet Food

Approach & Solution:

Big Bold Brand worked the 3PN to collaboratively develop brand strategy and story as well as the company’s values and messaging. This meant digging into the purpose behind everything that the company did, and re-evaluating the value the company delivered to both retailers and pet-owners. Once the brand elements and strategy were solidified, we led coaching sessions to teach the team how to effectively use their new tools to develop clear and concise messaging marketing materials, and to guide both culture and decision-making within the company.

These sessions also helped to define a new product line, and develop that product’s brand.


The biggest impact to the team at 3P Naturals is the confidence that they have to talk about and promote 3P Naturals. They can now tell people why their company is better and they can give this information in a clear and consise manner. 


  • The team has developed a more unified understanding of who they are, what they do, who they serve and the value they deliver

  • Clear and concise messaging has convinced retailers and customers that 3P Naturals is a great choice for their pets

  • Having a brand strategy has united the team and made decision-making easier and more efficient

  • Relationships with customers and retailers have been strengthened

  • Sales and marketing materials are easier to develop and take less time

  • They are set up for growth with clear brand strategy

  • New marketing materials, visual presence in stores and new labels give them the ability to put their message out professionally

“Karley stands for great leadership, creativity and vision. She’s able to see what people can’t see in themselves and their own companies. As a coach, she was able to show this to me, to help us realize I knew more than I thought I did, and with that, she helped me find the ability to speak with confidence. At the end of meetings with her, you feel mentally exhausted, but also euphoric because of how much you have achieved.”

Debbie Benson, Owner, 3P Natural Pet Food