Solutions That Drive Results

Entrepreneurial Confidence Emerges with Focus and Clarity

Jessica, a trained RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) launched her business with confidence in her abilities to work with clients, but with little confidence about running her business and finding clients. She was struggling to fill her client sheet, and at the same time felt like she was catering to too many diverse needs and in a position where she was “trying to be everything to everyone.” When she realized that she needed business help, she approached Karley, as she had met her a few years previously.


  • Lacked clear purpose, value, and vision.

  • Needed help creating in-depth profiles of their target audience.

  • Unique value proposition and differentiators were undefined making it difficult for prospective clients and strategic partners to choose them over the competition.

  • No brand elements to harness towards growth


  • Define the purpose of Afterglow Healing Arts, the what, where, why, how

  • Create goals and develop vision

  • Develop brand elements

  • Define a clear strategic direction

  • Create scalable services

  • Enhance client experience

“In school I learned to be an RMT but they didn’t teach us anything about running our own business. You don’t know what you don’t know and then you realize you don’t know a lot. That’s where Big Bold Brand came in!”

Jessica Rempel, Owner, Afterglow Healing Arts

Approach & Solution:

Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, Karley helped Jessica not only to develop her brand elements and vision, but also to see herself as an entrepreneur. Jessica realized that she wanted to work specifically with pregnant women, new mothers and their babies. Karley helped her to develop messaging, including a clear and consistent pitch, tailored to those ideal clients. Brand elements and a brand promise were crafted to ensure the brand promise would be upheld, and ensure a positive client experience.

As part of creating a strategy with clear and attainable goals for the business, Karley helped to develop scalable online content to increase revenue and drive growth.


With new confidence in herself not just as an RMT, but also as a business owner and entrepreneur, Jessica finds herself fully booked for all available time slots. She is serving her ideal client 65% of that time. With a new set of engagement tools and a clear audience, reaching out to a potential client base is easier, making the business as a whole run more smoothly.


  • Afterglow is now serving their ideal client 65% of the time

  • Defining a niche and target audience allows for clear and concise messaging

  • Referrals to the target audience have increased

  • Increased confidence in running the business

  • The creation of scalable online content has allowed for increased business growth

  • Jessica is now fully booked for her available times

“I now see myself as a business owner, where I didn’t before. That perspective shift has made everything in my life easier.”

Jessica Rempel, Owner, Afterglow Healing Arts