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This was a great experience. In addition to being organized and knowledgeable about trends, the team [at BIG BOLD BRAND] was flexible, friendly and always there to help me when I needed them.

Colleen Purcell
Manager of Operations
Thinkspace Architecture, Planning, Interior Design

I stepped back and stayed out of the creative process of our brand and website development; letting BIG BOLD BRAND and my colleagues run with this. The first time I saw any of the brand revitalization integrated into our new website I was SO incredibly impressed!! [All can say is] Wow….wow, wow! You really, really did a fantastic at managing the various personalities, asking the right questions to fill in the gaps, integrating a lot ideas and feedback. You’ve just done an amazing job pulling this together!

Todd Johnston
General Manager
Trinity Power Rentals

Over the course of the past five years, I have worked closely with BIG BOLD BRAND to lead my team, and develop a new brand and marketing tools for our company. During that time, the team has provided a high level of service in executing the deliverables, and I have been impressed with their responsiveness, creativity, flexibility and adherence to schedules. Compared to other marketing agencies that I have utilized in the past, BIG BOLD BRAND has clearly distinguished itself as a company that is genuinely interested in understanding the values and culture of an organization to ensure an outstanding final result.

Kim Molby
Owner & President
IPS Inc.

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