MADE POSSIBLE – Ep. #1: Sisters Sage

Our first guest on the The Made Possible Podcast is Lynn-Marie Angus, co-founder of Sisters Sage.  In this first ever episode, we discuss the challenges faced by Indigenous entrepreneurs in Canada, what it means to ‘sage against the machine,’ and how, “growth doesn’t happen at the speed of comfort.”

A bit about Sisters Sage & this interview:

Lynn-Marie Angus is one half of the dynamic sister duo behind Sisters Sage, an Indigenous wellness brand from East Vancouver, British Columbia. Sisters Sage has built an outstanding brand and seen rapid success since their launch in 2018. She shares her experience in transitioning from a career in construction to founding a thriving, award-winning small business. Lynn-Marie admits that when their business started she knew nothing about starting or running a business!

What stands out in this story is that having a clear purpose and trusting in powers outside of yourself can manifest amazing things. Lynn-Marie also digs into about the real and unacceptable socio-economic gap between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples in Canada and what it’s going to take to fix that.

By listening in, you’ll find out how determination and practice have created a multi-award winning, community supported business. 
There’s lots of business brilliance to be found in this episode.