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Are you wondering how to attract more of your ideal clients – the ones you really love working with?

So often, when we speak with motivated business owners, they want to know how to attract more of their ideal clients – those who understand their value and are willing to pay a premium for their products or services.

When looking for that answer, they often focus on spending a lot of time, money or both on their marketing message, or worse wasting money on expensive marketing campaigns. Rather than on really getting to know their ideal clients.

While we can agree it’s true that your marketing message and marketing your products or services are important, these efforts rarely ever effective unless you know who you’re marketing to! That’s why the Big Bold Brand answer to the question, “how can we attract more of our ideal clients/customers?”  is to start with getting clear on who your ideal clients are and gaining an intimidate and deep understanding of them.

Gaining a deep understanding of your ideal clients is the key to developing magnetic messaging that attracts ideal clients, sale scripts that close deals and ensures that your hard-earned money is well spent on targeted, effective marketing and advertising that works!

Below you can download a quick and easy to complete, free audit tool that will reveal the gaps in your understanding of your ideal clients. The audit designed to reveal just how well you know your ideal clients, because once you identify what you don’t know and fill those gaps, you’ll be setup to succeed at attracting way more of your ideal clients and grow that amazing business of yours!


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