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Andreas Karakas

[BIG BOLD BRAND] successfully created a brand and marketing materials that speaks to our ideal clients. Karley was great at helping us understand how to use our brand strategically to attract the clients we really want to work with and support the growth of our business. Not only that, years after rebranding, we consistently get compliments on how great our business cards, proposals and other branded materials look.


Ann Alexander

We asked for a marketing campaign relating to a sensitive area of our business. Big Bold Brand was thoughtful, insightful and professional. They delivered what they promised in a bold way, respecting our parameters and adding creative energy.

Todd Johnston

I stepped back and stayed out of the creative process of our brand and website development; letting BIG BOLD BRAND and my colleagues run with this. The first time I saw any of the brand revitalization integrated into our new website I was SO incredibly impressed!! [All can say is] Wow….wow, wow! You really, really did a fantastic at managing the various personalities, asking the right questions to fill in the gaps, integrating a lot ideas and feedback. You’ve just done an amazing job pulling this together!

Kim Molby

Over the course of the past five years, I have worked closely with BIG BOLD BRAND to lead my team, and develop a new brand and marketing tools for our company. During that time, the team has provided a high level of service in executing the deliverables, and I have been impressed with their responsiveness, creativity, flexibility and adherence to schedules. Compared to other marketing agencies that I have utilized in the past, BIG BOLD BRAND has clearly distinguished itself as a company that is genuinely interested in understanding the values and culture of an organization to ensure an outstanding final result.

The Bus Co-op

Founded in 2013, the Fraser Valley Bus Cooperative (FVBC) was formed by three seniors-serving agencies in Langley, BC. These co-operative agencies recognized a need in their community and set out to do something about it. Social and physical isolation is a serious issue for many people, including senior citizens and disabled persons. The vision of this organization was to build a transportation model to resolve isolation, connect communities and be replicated in any city. 


FVBC; a social enterprise startup, came to us with the overarching challenge of finding a way to introduce this inspirational transportation model. This was a new concept in North America and they wanted to introduce it  in a way that was simple to understand. 

They also asked us to assist them with the following needs and challenges:

  • The legal name posed an initial barrier, it was long, the acronym (FVBC) wasn’t memorable, and it was too closely tied to one region. 
  • With three different agencies’ perspectives and motivations for developing the co-op, they needed a facilitator who could help them develop a unified purpose, vision and core messaging 
  • The development of vibrant logo and visual identity and resonant marketing and communications materials that would start conversations and motivate people to use the service. 
  • As a newly formed organization funded solely through grants, they needed a flexible approach that could maximize the budget available. 


Facilitating a series of discovery sessions with the founding members provided the insights into their shared beliefs of what this organization could be and the value it would provide for any community. We were able to weave their combined perspectives into inspiring messaging for the co-op.

During the discovery we uncovered that the team was unsure of how to define their target audiences, having no previous marketing experience. They welcomed an opportunity to have us coach them on how to determine and define target audiences. This resulted in uncovering some ‘blindspots’ and creating two group profiles they hadn’t considered who would help their organization grow and thrive. 

During the facilitation sessions everyone began referring to the co-op as ‘bus co-op’.  We brought our observation of this natural baptism to the three stakeholders and thus “The Bus Co-op” was born.

The design and development of their visual identity was fun for us all, as the team wanted to create an approachable, vibrant and fun identity. One that people couldn’t help but notice and smile when they saw it. We set out to design an identity with bright colours, a logo that was fun and inviting and when their buses were wrapped in this new identity The Bus Co-op definitely got noticed and stood out from city transportation.


Since the launch in October 2014, The Bus Co-op has continued to create a buzz and develop partnerships in the community.  By having professional marketing tools with clear messaging, it provided confidence for the founding members to approach organizations and establish new partnerships. The Bus Co-op, along with their administrative partner Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST), have attracted media attention and been interviewed on Co-op Radio.

With the an easily recognizable name and logo, not to mention the bright colours, their buses get noticed and assist in creating a buzz that leads to new conversations with groups interested in either joining as members or utilizing the service.  

A significant outcome is a partnership with Envison Financial, where the credit union has partnered with The Bus Co-op to provide regularly scheduled transportation for seniors in their community.  The services provide transportation for the seniors into the town to do their banking, groceries and errands plus it offers them the opportunity to meet new people and socialize while on the bus. A big first step towards achieving the Bus Co-op’s vision of resolving isolation and connecting communities.

Power Rentals Rebrand

From its inception, Trinity Power Rentals has been more than just an order desk and delivery service for power generating equipment. Trinity Power Rentals’ success has been built on a legacy of customer service and doing things right. A multi-generational family business, this power rental company was designed to be a concept-to-completion solutions provider. In fact, their team doesn’t see the business as a rental company at all – Trinity Power is in the business of delivering power assurance.


In 2003, Trinity Power shifted their core focus to the industrial and commercial sectors, and then came expansions into the oil & gas, mining and construction industries. After a significant period of growth, Trinity Power came to us with a combined, marketing, sales and brand challenge: beyond their circle of existing clients nobody knew that Trinity Power was renowned as one of Canada’s premiere service providers. Add to this, their website and key marketing materials had become dated and they were failing to attract the right types of new clients.  

Trinity Power was in need of taking quick action to upgrade all of their public facing assets to support the aggressive growth goals set out for the next year by the leadership team.


Working with the Sales Director our goal was to develop a brand strategy and core messaging that would reposition the company as the premiere service provider in their specialized sectors. Clearly defining their sector specific audiences was the first  step to developing their core messaging and targeted content for their key marketing materials, including a completely restructured website. The sales team was reinvigorated by the crafting of Trinity Power’s unique value proposition and a powerful brand promise. 

The next objective was more administrative in nature, but still important in attracting the right type of customers, and making it easy to move them through the sales funnel. Trinity’s recent, rapid sector expansions resulted in the addition of several new products to their catalogue. We took charge of restructuring the catalogue to make it easy for them to find what they were looking for both in the print and online catalogues. We were also able to create an organizing system for products that saved time and energy for the marketing team to keep both catalogues up to date. 

The largest task within the scope was completely restructuring, redesigning and rewriting the content for the new website. Trinity’s website was transformed into the hub for all marketing activities and was the key to Trinity Power Rentals taking a thought leader position in the industry. Careful attention was paid to crafting the information architecture and design structure to incorporate:

  • a full product catalogue
  • detailed service offering
  • company information
  • new client intake and inquiry forms
  • unique landing pages for advertising campaigns
  • a blog to be updated regularly with industry updates, thought leadership articles and case studies

This was achieved without an overwhelming homepage and a user friendly navigation system.

Trinity trusted us to leverage what was currently working and what wasn’t. We delivered a new, fresh and modern look that was rolled out in the new site design and across all print materials. The company was set to take the stage as the industry leader.


When the new Marketing Director joined the team, with expertise in online marketing and sales and with the new brand strategy and core messaging in place, he was able to launch the new website and brand revitalization into the market, creating significant buzz. The industry and existing clients took notice of Trinity Power Rentals new, modern, commanding look that quickly made it evident there was a new leader on the scene. 

Utilizing the new website as a platform to communicate industry best practices, promote their strategic partners, discuss industry challenges and post case studies that exhibited critical learning, Trinity Power began attracting the attention of the customers they were seeking and engaging them in conversation. The Marketing Director was able to easily create landing pages for specific online advertising campaigns on the fly and attract new business; with the benefit of a complete tracking system in place. Plus, the sales team was seeing an influx of the right types of new clients, assisting them in reaching their sales goals and growth objectives.

Thinkspace Architecture

Thinkspace Architecture, Planning, Interior Design

Formerly known as Graham Hoffart Mathiasen Architects (GHMA), this Vancouver architectural firm has been providing professional architectural services since 1963. They have built a reputation as thought leaders in 21st Century Learning Environments. For 50 years they have been designing buildings of simple elegance.


In 2010, Renaissance Architects in Kelowna and GHMA merged to create Renaissance – GHM Architects. At the time of the merger, they conjoined their names and continued with each office’s brand identity. The merger provided growth opportunities, however it was recognized over time that the lengthy name, brand inconsistencies was causing confusion and affecting their success in bidding on new projects.

Identifying the need to resolve these challenges, they approached us with a seemingly simple question:

“How do we choose the ‘right’ new name?”

Their overall goal was to secure a name that moved away form the traditional partner-oriented naming-structure of the industry, focused on the collective talent of their team and position the firm for growth. As well, with an upcoming change in leadership, this was an opportunity to set the firm up to for the transition and minimize client disruption.


As it often does, the question of ‘the right’ name led into broader considerations regarding brand equity, market positioning, communications clarity and the vision for the firm over the next five years. It was decided that a complete rebrand was in order.

A unique aspect of this project was that it provided the opportunity to close the gap between the two office cultures. Understanding that their team are their most valuable brand advocates, the partners wanted to ensure that all of their team members were invited to participate in the initial brand discovery sessions. This integration at the discovery stage provided a great opportunity to display their commitment to transitioning the focus from the partners to the combined talent of their team. By having a brand discovery process that accommodated everyone drove some fantastic insights and clarity for who they were, and how they wanted to be perceived moving forward, their unique process, and the overall value they deliver.

Next, we facilitated client interviews to uncover existing client perceptions of the firm. The results drove an even a deeper sense of clarity on how to adjust and improve moving forward. Not only for the rebrand, but also in other areas of sales, marketing and service.

With both external and internal insights to guide the repositioning, we worked with the core project team to:

  • Clearly define their multiple target audiences;
  • Evaluate their competition and differentiation strategy;
  • Develop their strategic positioning; and,
  • Create their core messaging.

The firm was now well equipped with a clear and concise brand definition with which to evaluate a new possible names to appropriately represent the firm. 

Again with staff input, a name that depicted how this talented firm utilizes story and imagination to help their clients see their new space before it is built was extensively brainstormed and strategically chosen: Thinkspace Architecture, Planning, Interior, Design. 

As a phase two, we were asked to develop a bold new brand identity, supporting marketing collateral and website. As well, support in the strategic rollout and launch of their new brand; the culmination being an artfully catered party hosted at both offices for staff, strategic partners and clients.  


From the start of this multi-layered rebranding journey, we ensured the leadership team was confident and well informed by working collaboratively and providing the tools and guidance needed to make key decisions throughout this branding process. With the launch of this dynamic new brand, the firm was set up powerfully for a leadership transition, new client acquisitions and their next 50 years.

Thinkspace’s marketing and administration teams have experienced significant time savings with brand definition, guidelines and templated materials firmly in place. Which makes responding to RFPs and project bids significantly easier and more successful. 

Overall, the rebrand has increased everyone’s pride and confidence in the firm – both internally and externally. The firm is set up for growth and the onboarding of new partners. The process of collaboratively developing their new brand and focusing on their combined talents successfully supported unifying the Kelowna and Vancouver teams’ culture. 

STAR Canada

STAR Canada

Seniors Transportation Access and Resources (STAR), is British Columbia’s specialist in sustainable transportation. Founded in 2012, it is a leading source for policy and advocacy for safe and sustainable seniors transportation managing the largest, publicly accessible database in B.C. for information on driver transitioning, mobility and community resources seniors and their families.

When the Executive Director approached us for our assistance, they were in the process of launching a social enterprise, offering services in the design, development and operations management for community agencies who wished to develop and operate sustainable ride programs; like The BUS Co-op.


In order to fulfill their mission, STAR must be involved in the solution development aspect of transportation. Acting as as a hub, they engage with all levels of government, health authorities and community agencies across the province. When STAR first approached us, they found it difficult to  explain their complex model, and convey their overall value and importance to communities and their well-being.  They needed to create clarity within their communications to their specific audiences; especially the community agencies who would become the target client for the social enterprise about to launch. 

A secondary challenge, was their website. As the leading advocate for sustainable community transportation and policy development in B.C, their website had accumulated a large bank of valuable knowledge and information on seniors’ transportation. The site had grown organically over a 10-year period, making it extremely difficult to search and navigate, and ineffective in achieving its purpose.

The success of this multi-layered engagement would rely on our ability to balance meeting their project objectives while applying a limited budget. They needed a team with a flexible approach who could identify where their team’s skills could be best applied in partnership with our expertise.  And, to execute a manageable, phased approach that didn’t interfere with the small team’s day-to-day operations. 


The first milestone of the project was to develop their brand positioning, core messaging and determine the best way to tell the story of their role and impact on community. Working with STAR’s existing writer/illustrator, Don McNair, we collaboratively imagined a way to communicate their story without words – making it accessible to all of their audiences. Through storyboarding and iteration, a series of illustrations was created for use across all marketing collateral and the new website.    

Working with the stakeholder team, we split their audience into distinct profiles, based on their needs. The outcome of this exercise provided clarity on who they needed to engage with, how to engage with them so that they could deliver on their various mandates. As well, by gaining an understanding of each audience provided the information needed to effectively reorganize the website to make a large amount of content accessible and available to the public.

By getting clear on their vision, mission and concise core messaging, we formed the basic foundation of their communications tools.  This set us up to successfully:

  • Restructure the website’s information architecture 
  • Redesign the STAR website
  • Create the marketing collateral and sales kit with which to launch their social enterprise
  • Create infographics for various communications pieces to clearly and concisely and engage the users with compelling imagery and increase the opportunity for dialogue.


By helping their leadership team divide and get clear on their primary target audiences, we were able to help them determine how to best engage and communicate with each group to achieve the desired results. By utilizing the skills of both teams we were able to creatively and effectively apply their budget to where it was needed most putting all of the pieces in place for a successful launch of the social-enterprise.




PLEA Community Services

PLEA Community Services Society of BC

PLEA Community Services Society of BC delivers community-based social, health, educational, vocational and justice services to children, youth, families and adults who, during periods of their lives, face significant challenges and barriers. They utilize personally tailored strategies in non-institutional settings to assist individuals to live their lives as normally, successfully, independently and safely, in their own communities, as their personal needs and circumstances allow.


PLEA approached us with an urgent need to attract caregivers who could offer youth-in-need foster homes. Their current, and dated method of attracting potential leads through newspaper ads was failing. This meant the agency’s capacity to provide homes to youth in need, was not increasing in line with the high demand for its services.  In addition, its desire to strengthen the respite it provided to its current foster families was also not possible. The end goal was 70 new leads per month, with a significant reduction in cost per lead. This project was one of the biggest items on the agency’s risk register. It was key to the agencies success.


First, we conducted a series of interviews with existing Caregivers to form a clear understanding of what’s important to Family Caregivers and how they originally found out about this unique employment opportunity. We needed to find out more about them as people, their backgrounds, their motivation to inquire about and take on the role, and how they found out about PLEA, in order to build out a very targeted audience profile. This would be key to attracting this special type of person to the role.

Through the research, it was also discovered that PLEA’s brand awareness was low and that in order for a potential caregiver to connect with PLEA they needed repeated exposure to PLEA and the job posting. This meant that a multi-pronged brand awareness and marketing campaign would be needed to drive the desired.

We enlisted the help of PLEA’s management team and key stakeholders to determine where the best possible lead sources were for new Caregivers. We then facilitating and half day working session to brainstorm and build out possible strategies and tactics to reach them, aimed at creating grassroots connections and relationships in areas where possible be found.

After an extensive discovery process, a multi-pronged marketing plan with four core strategies and supporting tactics was developed to provide PLEA with brand awareness through mass media exposure and a tactical and measurable recruiting campaign for Family Caregivers.

The final and most important piece of this project was the creation of a heartfelt and engaging series of advertisements that were designed to be simple, impactful and generate an emotional response.

The campaign was launched first on social media, and PLEA continues to roll out the strategies with our assistance as resources become available. As an evergreen campaign, it will continue to rollout across multi-media and grassroots channels, building in-roads and relationships into community groups, and organizations who can help PLEA recruit for this position.


Brand recognition has been created through online and direct mailing campaigns, which has increased PLEA’s ability to attract potential caregivers and dialogue with families and several community organizations that will continue to support lead generation. The original goal of 70 leads has been surpassed by 25% with an average of 100 leads per month being driven into the organization via website landing pages or phone calls

PLEA’s Manager of Communications & Development, Jenny Graham describes best the overarching impact of our work together on this project:

“Big Bold Brand has taken what has been an incredibly difficult task for the agency – explaining the vital role our families play in the life of the youth we serve – and boiled it down to its most simplistic, compelling elements – that our families have enough room, time and love for one more. This campaign will run and run giving us great value for money.”

“I am so thrilled to have Elise & Karley as a part of my extended team; I can’t imagine doing this without you.”

BIG BOLD BRAND continues to work as an extension of PLEA’s marketing team, providing on-going executional support to roll-out and evolve the strategies and tactics of this campaign with the goal of continuing to reduce the cost per lead and increase the ROI of each tactic.

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