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Todd Dust

[During our Brand Discovery sessions] we appreciated your openness and willingness to listen to our honest comments. Without forcing opinions or ideas, you elicited ideas from people, generated conversations and distilled things down to the essence of the idea(s).

Jeni Hall

The process of working with Karley & Elise was so positive. Each step of the process of creating The RESTART® Program’s brand identity was exciting and rewarding into itself.
The final product brings such joy and pride. I couldn’t be happier with it.

 I don’t even know what my business, my life and my world would
be like without the team at BIG BOLD BRAND!

Stephanie Williams

BIG BOLD BRAND brought the direction, guidance and structured process we needed to clearly define what we do; who we are doing it for; the value we deliver for our clients and impact The Bicycle Valet makes in the community. From a design perspective, they made everything look fantastic and took our visual brand to the next level. The result: our existing sponsors and event organizers were very happy and it became much easier to sign-on new sponsors leading to our best year ever!

Jenny Graham

BIG BOLD BRAND has taken what has been an incredibly difficult task for our agency. They were able to take the complex and vital role our families play in the life of the youth we serve and boil it down to its most simplistic, compelling elements: that our families have enough room, time and love for one more. This campaign will run and run giving us great value for money.

We were able to see quick results with this campaign right from the start, and our numbers continue to be met month over month, and we still have two more strategies to roll out! I am so excited to continue rolling out this strategic integrated campaign and to have BIG BOLD BRAND working with us as powerful extension of our team.

Innovation Networks

Innovation Networks is a managed services company specializing in managed IT, cloud and network services.

When the new owner took over full control of the company in 2008, it came with a tired and misaligned brand.  Though Innovation Networks had a sound reputation for great service and providing solid IT solutions, the current brand did not effectively represent the energetic culture of the new leadership.


The new leadership team was facing a series of brand related, business challenges: 

  • To rebrand the organization without alienating existing clients and their internal team
  • To capture the essence of the new owner’s vision, their existing team culture and what makes Innovation Networks unique
  • To create a differentiated positioning and a visual identity that would stand out amongst other strong players in their market

Together with Innovation’s Marketing Director, we created a strategic approach to revitalizing their brand that involved their leadership team, managers along with input and feedback from their staff. The overall objective beyond rebranding was to ensure that client and employee retention remained strong through this brand and ownership transition.


Collaboratively, through a series of workshop sessions, we crafted the vision, mission and values that would propel Innovation Networks powerfully forward as a team. Working with the marketing and sales teams we developed a crystal clear picture of who their ideal clients were and developed concise profiles to make it easy to target the business owners they wanted to start conversations with.

Next up, we developed a differentiation strategy, their core messaging and tackled the revitalization of the tired visual identity and lack lustre sales and marketing tools to bring to life the new owner’s vision.

Innovation Networks’ clear differentiators was their energetic and extra-passionate people oriented team that is focused on relationships and level of client care. They understand that in a very technical, hardware focussed industry it’s very easy for a business owner to be overwhelmed and purchase unnecessary equipment and services. The Innovation team is committed to helping business owners understand and make educated decisions regarding their IT needs.

This clear differentiator was what inspired their new visual identity.

The Innovation approach is akin to a breath of fresh air for business owners. Our goal was to convey this through the design, colours, fonts and overall feel when designing their new brand identity, which was enthusiastically received by the whole innovation team. It was something they could all be proud of.


With a solid vision and company positioning the internal team could rally behind and share enthusiastically with their clients and partners, the Innovation Network’s revitalized brand was launched and brought to life by their people.  

The launch of their new brand was received well by existing clients, as they could see that Innovation Network’s team was re-energized. The commitment to this rebranding conveyed to them the desire to be authentic, forward moving and to take the company (and their clients) to the next level in service delivery and care. 

Their sales team stepped out confidently into the market able to start new conversations, equipped with a targeted set of marketing and sales tools. The inclusive approach to this project and resulting new bold, energetic brand and identity provided the confidence this company needed to step up as a serious competitor in their market. 


The RESTART® Program

As a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Jeni Hall was drawn into the field by her own blood-sugar issues and struggles with healthy eating having grown up on the ‘Standard American Diet’. Working one-on-one with clients revealed that many were facing the same health challenges and addictions to sugar she had experienced and since solved for herself. As a result, she created The RESTART Sugar Detox®.

With clients achieving great success in this group program came the vision for an even larger format to help reduce addiction to sugar and improve health and nutrition across North America. The Sugar Detox® evolved into a licensed program for certified NTP & NTC practitioners to attract more clients into their practice.


Revising her business model provide to be a success, licensing over 65 program instructors across the U.S. within 3 months and gaining attention with other practitioners quickly. However, this presented a challenge in that the first iteration of the visual identity failed to represent the program’s high caliber of content and personalized support. This stood in the way of charging a premium price for this premiere program.

Also, the term “sugar detox” was becoming a popular term for quick-fix diets and affecting the credibility of Jeni’s carefully designed, long-term lifestyle program.


With a commitment to and belief in exceptional service in her own business, Jeni went in search of branding experts who would deliver the same. Through her mastermind network she found us.

With a new name in mind, The RESTART® Program, Jeni dove into the rebranding process with us. The end goal: develop a memorable new logo and brand identity for her flagship program that instructors would take pride in and ownership of, as well as, resonate with course participants.

“Sometimes I didn’t know what my needs were, Karley and Elise always helped me work through the process of figuring things out.”

Through the process we balanced Jeni’s uncertainties and apprehensions with education, rationale and coaching to help get her un-stuck with some tough decisions.

“I felt completely heard and listened to, which are two totally different things…”

After the new visual identity was successfully designed and developed, it was onto revitalizing The RESTART® Program’s course materials from end to end. Along with, a complete kit of marketing tools, graphics and guidelines that the instructors would use to promote to prospective new clients.

“My bar for what I expect when it comes to professionalism [and working with a creative company] has now become ridiculously high.”

The last phase of the rebrand for Jeni was to create a new website that tied everything together to create a cohesive brand experience and powerful sales engine for her business.

We worked closely to analyze the existing marketing and sales funnel, identifying ways to improve the flow and conversion of both instructors and course participants. We simplified and strengthened each audiences’ website experience to ensure that enough of the right information was easily accessible. Finally, executing a complete website redesign to incorporate the new ‘look and feel’ creating a bright, engaging and contemporary design.


Revitalizing her program and business from end to end provided Jeni significantly increased revenue, boosted her program launches and provided the confidence she needed to begin charging a premium price for The RESTART® Program and future products and courses.

“What’s really valuable to me is that more and more I hear from instructors how amazing the course materials look. The way they are talking about and promoting the course and using the marketing materials is much more consistent. The RESTART® Program ‘stamp’ is on everything, and that’s what makes a great brand – repetition and recognition.”

Prior to the rebranding, the first intake of instructors was an evergreen process which occurred over 8 months resulting in 65 RESTART® instructors. The second launch, following the rebranding process, more than doubled the number of instructors in just 3 weeks. She held another launch late fall after the new RESTART® website went live and added yet another 72 instructors in a 4 week sales window. But 4 weeks didn’t prove to be enough time for some prospective new instructors!

Word had spread across America and throughout many different NTP & NTC communities – new instructors were raving about the program and its’ quality. At the request of several prospective new instructors, Jeni re-opened the sales window for one more week and signed another 20 instructors. Taking her to a grand total of 228, almost triple the number of instructors when we first began working with Jeni just 8 months earlier.


Marty Frost

I’ve been involved with several projects where BIG BOLD BRAND has been engaged as the partner to lead the strategic brand design and development. I have been repeatedly impressed by Karley and Elise and their thoughtful manner in which they approach the unique challenges of each project and organization. So much so, that I’ve been happy to refer them on several occasions. I highly recommend hiring BBB if your co-op is facing branding and marketing challenges and you’re looking for a collaborative team to help drive effective solutions.

Janice McTaggart

BIG BOLD BRAND met us where we were at and made it a fun, collaborative process! They do what they say they are going to do and stick to the time-line. Bringing expertise and a unique approach to the branding process, Karley and Elise engaged our diverse stakeholder team in deeper conversations and got us to explore perspectives we hadn’t even considered – driving great results for The Bus Co-op. Distilling complicated concepts down to clear and compelling messaging and visuals is definitely a strength of theirs.

Carol Murray

We loved working with Karley & Elise at BIG BOLD BRAND! Their branding expertise is superb, however the value-add is their clear and organized system for addressing rebranding challenges. Their stamp was all over our AGM — we have received glowing feedback on Karley’s morning workshop on branding and the revamped Annual Report she developed. Ultimately, what I like best about BBB is their keen attention to our specific needs combined with clarity and support throughout the process.

Kyle Durand

Prior to working with BIG BOLD BRAND, branding had always just been about colors and fonts to me. Karley shifted that paradigm and demonstrated that implementing a solid brand strategy would directly impact the things I care about: business growth and revenue generation. Karley was very skilled at extracting information about our business and our clients that was previously only stored in my memory. Using the strong messaging she devised has made it much easier to communicate our unique value and, consequently, to close deals faster than ever before.

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